Red Shift Season 2

October 16, 2015 § Leave a comment

Red Shift, the old-school, pulpy sci-fi podcast that produced my short “The Pipe Cleaner of Bilge Hob IV” as part of their first season, is currently getting ready for their second season, and they need our help.

First, they are looking for short stories for the next season. The deadline is November 30th, and you can get all the submission details here.

Second, they are funding their second season through a Kickstarter campaign. A lot goes into making the episodes, including taking time in a professional studio and working with incredible actors. Plus, they PAY THE WRITERS!!! So you know your money is being put to good use.

So send your sci-fi stories, send your money. Red Shift makes awesome things out of sci-fi stories and money.


Pulp Reading August 2nd

July 20, 2015 § Leave a comment

If you’re in Minnesota at the start of August, you should come help me celebrate the release of two new masterpieces literary pulp: Todd Wardrope’s sci-fi epic Arcadian Gates and Mark Rapacz’s gritty international noir Foreigners (Waeguk). In addition, both myself and the incomparable David Oppegaard will be reading from recently or soon to be published work.


Given the location, I wish I had some of the fantasy-infused stuff I’ve been working on recently, but it is a ways away from ready, so I will instead be reading from Slash. I’ll also be trying to sell through the last dozen or so sets I have of the serial zine editions of Slash. At just the lowest price ever, just $15 for all seven, you’ll be paying just over two dollars per hand-made, professionally edited, Indie-Reader Approved episode. If you’ve already got Slash, be sure to bring your book money anyways, because all the authors present will be bringing great work to sell and share.

I hope to see you there!

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