About Me & Where to Find My Work


I’m Evan Kingston, a novelist and a grocer in St. Paul, MN.  My self-published serial novel Slash was named one of IndieReader’s Top Books of 2014, and my short fiction and humor has appeared in various online journals.  I’m also the fiction editor at Red Bird Chapbooks.


Slash A serial novel I self-published, rated 5/5 stars and named a Top Book of 2014 by IndieReader, now available as a full novel at this link. To read the first chapter for free, head over to slashserial.comwhere you’ll also find information on how to get the book in other formats, as well as fan fiction recommendations.

“High School Creative Writing” A short story published by Revolver.

“The Pipe Cleaner of Bilge-Hob IV” A sci-fi short story the Red Shift Podcast produced as a pulpy, old-school radio drama.

The Oldest Jokes in the World at AutoAnatta My semi-monthly column of literary humor at Minnesota’s first web zine.

“Dead Man’s Float” An essay I wrote that won MANDREW’s Blissenblog’s First Annual Essay Contest.

“Frank” A short story published by Versus Literary Journal.

Eyes Wide Shut” A guest-post in Geoff Herbach’s I’m With Stupid Stories Blog.

“One Day at a Time” A guest-post in Ross Gale’s blog’s Writers’ Series.

“Pot Lucks” A guest-post on Satish Jayaraj’s Innocent Offerings Reading Series Blog.

“Profile: Geoff Herbach” An interview I conducted with the illustrious author of Stupid Fast for Hamline University’s website.

Film Strip Heroes  An irreverant podcast I co-hosted about comic books and the movies based on them.


I started The Oldest Jokes in the World to explore the relationship between humor and literature as well as humor’s place in our intellectual and cultural lives.  But I’ll be happy if I can just make a few people laugh.

I hope that, one day, the ideas building here will amount to a book, and want to welcome all comments and responses to help me guide this work into something useful and coherent.  Please do comment on the site or email me at evskingston@gmail.com.

When I have big thoughts about books, I share them here, but I share all my thoughts, even my most trivial opinions, on my goodreads account.  I love nosing in to what other people are reading, so please feel free to friend me.

§ 5 Responses to About Me & Where to Find My Work

  • N Filbert says:

    this concept serves me well… i find the humor slipping in by my brain trying so hard…but it delights me that you’re attending to it purposefully. thanks for these

    • Thanks for reading, Nathan. I hope you can get something out of my thoughts. I’m looking forward to further exploring your blog–there’s so much variety and enthusiasm, I’m sure to get inspired.

  • C R Krieger says:

    I found your blog looking for the author of the quote “If you have to explain it, it isn’t funny.”  For my ABD Daughter, who was over-explaining a joke gift to her brother this Christmas Morning.  Once here, I looked around.  In your photo you look like my youngest Brother—we are Kingstons on my Mother’s side.  And, I now live in Lowell, MA.  I even went to Dharma Buns when it was still a coffee shop on Market Street.

    Thanks for blogging.

    Regards  —  Cliff

    • Thanks for stopping by, Cliff; it sounds like we have lots in common. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas—and that the over explanation didn’t ruin the gag gift. Did you ever find a source for that quote? I never have. Happy New Year!

  • […] up, we have another writer and fellow blogger in the spotlight, Evan Kingston who runs The Oldest Jokes in the World.  A massive THANK YOU to him for reaching out to me to check out this complete serial novel called […]

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