Phenomenology of Superhero by Jason Magabo Perez

June 14, 2016 § Leave a comment

We’ve got some great books coming out from Red Bird this year, first and foremost on my list is Phenomenology of Superhero by Jason Magabo Perez, a perfect book for the summer blockbuster and comic book reboot season. With Steve Rogers hailing Hydra and so many white male superheroes on the silver screen, questions about representation in popular culture are more important than ever, and in this book Jason Magabo Perez explores these issues with wit and passion.


I was a little scared of this collection on first read: Jason has writing chops–a veteran performance poet, you can hear his voice in every line–but he also has an academic’s intelligence, and I was intimidated by his genre-jumping throughout the manuscript, as well as his Michel Focault and Sara Ahmed references. Luckily, he was applying these intellectual frameworks to rap music and comic books, so I had points of reference too familiar to resist. I’m really proud to have helped Jason bring this book into the world; I feel it is one of the more important books we’ve published at Red Bird, and am happy it is already finding an audience. You can buy it here, and while you’re at the Red Bird website, read up on how your work could end up in a chapbook next year–our reading period opens up soon!

Multi Genre
52 pages
7″ x 7″ single signature chapbook with hand sewn binding
Published March 2016

An eclectic and energizing collection of poems, essays, and experimental fiction, Jason Magabo Perez’s Phenomenology of Superhero explores the Filipino-American experience with a voracious intelligence and an indelible voice. Fiercely interdisciplinary, Perez’s work explores the relationship between power and otherness in American life, focusing here especially on the relationship between discipline and art, ultimately coming to an “anti-disciplinary” vision of creativity. Touching on such diverse enthusiasms as Michel Foucault, Wolverine of the X-Men, Jorge Luis Borges, Eazy-E, Sara Ahmed, and Buzz Lightyear, every reader is bound to find something to relate to and be challenged by in this brave chapbook.

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