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May 16, 2016 § Leave a comment

Open up those Google calendars, guys, because after almost a year off the stage, I’ve got several readings coming up, and I’d love to see you there.

First, on June 3rd, I’ll be opening up for my more talented, charismatic cousin, Toussaint Morrison at the Bryant Lake Bowl. An incredible musician and talented actor, Toussaint is debuting a short film of spoken word performances earlier in the week and will be releasing an accompanying chapbook at the show. I’m honestly really nervous for this one, as I’m used to being in the corner of a book store or coffee shop for my readings, sharing the stage with writers who are as awkward as me. But Toussaint has dazzled crowds at most of the major clubs around town and performed on large stages around the country. Did I mention that he’s also a model? I am hoping to bring my best to this one, but some familiar faces in the crowd would really help. You can find all the details here and get more info on the project at Toussaint’s blog.


I’ll also be taking part in the Cracked Walnut Reading Series again this year. They’re doing sixteen readings this spring in honor of 2016, and I’ll be appearing at the DAWN themed reading on June 16th at Groundswell Coffee. I’ll be sharing the stage with Sherrie Fernandez-Williams, Mike Hazard, Jeanne Lutz, Kate Lucas, Sarah Hayes and Lisa Yankton—a talented cohort, only slightly less intimidating than Kid Fresh himself…



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