Book Fight!

February 9, 2016 § Leave a comment

Book Fight, one of my favorite literary podcasts, is having a listener drive right now, so I thought I’d write up a quick note about how great a program it is. Their tagline is “Tough love for literature”, but there’s really nothing difficult about the show, a smart yet accessible weekly discussion of literature. The tagline here at TOJitW, “About what other subjects can one make jokes except serious subjects?”, could fit for Book Fight as well, as they have that great mix of irreverence and reverence, where every topic discussed is subject to both intelligent discussion and (sometimes infantile) humor.

Tom and Mike, the hosts, are both writer/academics, but the tone is less classroom lecture than professors letting loose at the bar after work. Every week, they discuss one book, essay, or story, and then veer wildly off course, touching on anything from the politics of the literary journal scene to notable raccoon sightings. If you enjoyed my metafictional erotic thriller / comedic murder mystery / romantic slasher about fan fiction, Slash, you’ll love Tom’s periodic fan fiction readings on the show–but truly anyone who is serious enough about literature to see the value in taking the piss out of it every once in a while should head on over to, because they’ll love the show.


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