November 13, 2015 § Leave a comment

I thought I’d offer up a bit of an update after nearly a month away from the blog and my literary social media in general.

I’m proud to announce that Cedar Hart McDougal Kingston was born early on October 26th! It was a traumatic birth, though, and my wife, Cedar, and I had to spend the next ten days in the NICU. As a result, the only writing I’ve been doing lately has been updates to our Caring Bridge site (where you can hear Cedar’s whole story, if interested).

I’m happy to report that he has been home for over a week now, though, and is doing great: eating, pooping, peeing, and screaming as well as any other baby I’ve seen. That said, I still haven’t had much time to write, as he is ravenous for food and affection and too damn handsome to deny. I am having all sorts of crazy ideas for stories when he’s got me up drinking coffee at two in the morning, though, so I am looking forward to putting them all to paper soon.

Lastly, I have had time to work on my editing for Red Bird (check out our new website!), picking a killer line-up of chapbooks to publish in 2016: an interdisciplinary (maybe even antidisciplinary) exploration of identity and power through discussions of Wolverine, Eazy-E, and Michel Foucault, among other diverse enthusiasms; a charmingly dreamlike collection of real person fan fiction pieces written in gorgeous prose; and a collection of perfectly composed short stories exploring beauty in ruin. Last but not least, I’m excited to announce that we’ll also be publishing a print version of David Oppegaard’s heretofore e-book only “Breakneck Cove”. You should click on over to Onyx Neon Shorts and get yours right now–the story is such a stunner that I have no doubt that you’ll be wanting to get the physical copy on your shelf anyway once it’s available!


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