Jokealong: BIRTHDAYS

September 27, 2015 § Leave a comment

To celebrate the recent court ruling giving “Happy Birthday” back to the people, here’s a reblog of a jokealong from a few years ago!

The Oldest Jokes in the World

Since people are continually stumbling onto The Oldest Jokes in the World in search of actual jokes, not just abstract theories about them, every other week we have a joke-along post. I’ll search through the site’s stats for a specific joke people have been searching for, comb the internet for the best existing examples, and try come up with one of my own. And then you all can add your own in the comments, so the next time someone comes searching, they won’t leave disappointed.

Since this week marks the one-year anniversary of The Oldest Jokes in the World, we have a very special Birthday Jokealong! On April 16th, 2012, I posted this blog’s first post; this jokealong is our sixtieth since, so I haven’t quite lived up to my promise of twice-weekly updates, but I have managed to say something at least every Friday. Initially, I wasn’t sure…

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Scrivener Soapbox

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The interview I gave to TJ Redig for his awesome and insightful Scrivener Soapbox podcast is now up on his site and iTunes! Click here to listen: we talk Slash, my writing process, and serialization, while also digressing to N.W.A. and Dragonlance, which is a pretty unique pair of enthusiasms, I guess.

And even if you’ve alreadycover170x170 tired of hearing me talk about myself and my work due to years of acquaintance, I recommend subscribing to the show and checking out his other episodes. In addition to being a great way to find new indie authors, they are always filled with useful insights into the world of writing and self-publishing that are sure to help writers with their own work.

And if you’ve headed over here because of the podcast, here are some convenient links to the collected edition of Slash at Amazon and Smashwords and Etsy.


September 13, 2015 § 1 Comment

Hello Internet. Sorry it has been a while since the last time I posted saying I was sorry it has been a while since the last time I posted. It has been a hectic couple of months, as my wife and I moved into a new apartment while preparing for our first baby, which is due mid-October. I have been able to keep up writing on a couple of new novel-sized projects, but as usual, my internet writing has been pushed towards the back burner.

That should be changing soon, though, as I just cut back to part time at work in order to be a part-time homemaker once the baby comes. Hopefully this means that I’ll be able to do a bit more of the sort of here-and-there, short attention span writing that the internet requires. So stay tuned to the blog, and my twitter; worst-case, I’ll just start posting baby photos to keep my presence up.

(Here is a photo of my non-human babies, Louise (top) and Murray, to ease you all into the cuteness)


I was also recently interviewed by TJ Redig for his Scrivener’s Soapbox podcast. The episode should be up by the end of September, but in the mean time, you should check out some of the older ones (Mark Rapacz and T.A. Wardrope were recently featured, for example).

Lastly, I’m able to go part-time, because my wife got a full-time position teaching at St. Kate’s this year! She’s got a cool new website you should check out here, and if you’re a Harry Potter fan or scholar, you can read her essay “Doubting Dumbledore”, in the awesome collection A Wizard of Their Age, available from SUNY press. I’m so proud of her and excited for this next chapter in our lives!

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