Red Shift

June 20, 2015 § Leave a comment

Hey guys—sorry it has been a while since I’ve been on here. I am deep into a new project that is spiraling out of control in a good way. It seems like it will be a big fat novel, at the very least, or maybe a trilogy… So it might be a while before it is in any sort of readable shape. Which isn’t to say I won’t have any new work soon. I am sending out a short story right now, and I hope to start a new one, as well as some more humor pieces for AutoAnatta, as soon as things start to feel stagnant in the novel.

What I’m most excited about getting out to you, though, is a sci-fi piece I wrote for the Red Shift Podcast that should be finished later this year. Red Shift is a new show from the Fancy Pants Gangsters podcasting network, featuring pulpy sci-fi and horror stories that harken back to a classic age of radio dramas while bringing a fresh and modern zest to the genre.

Every episode so far has not just been well-written, but well-acted and –produced, so I can’t wait to see what the Pants Commander and his team put together for the episode I wrote. You don’t have to wait for mine, though—why not head over to their site right now (or like them on Facebook) and check out the four great episodes that are already up? There are devastating explorations of morality set in the distant future as well as chilling tales of horror set in our own time. For fans of the metafictional madness of Slash, though, Drew Chial’s “The Narrator” will probably be a great place to start; while it delves deep into theories about the nature of story through some metafictional magic, the great acting and dialogue keep the characters feeling real and important throughout, so the conclusion works as a revelation on many levels.

And if you feel at all inspired after listening to a few, you should whip up a quick sci-fi script of your own, because they have an open call for submissions for one last special episode to cap off this first season. It is due on June 26th, though, so you’d better get typing…


I really don’t think there is anything more luxurious than having someone tell you a story—and it’s free! So go ahead and get with Redshift on Facebook, their site, and/or on iTunes, so you’ll be all caught up and ready for when “The Pipe Cleaner of Bilge-Hob IV” hits the airwaves later this year.

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