January 3, 2015 § 5 Comments

I’ve been wrangling Tofurkies at my day job and spending my nights with family, so I haven’t had much of a chance to blog, tweet, FB, or whatever during this holiday. But now that we’re on the other side, I’m taking a look back over the last year and looking forward to the next.

In best-of-2014-220x130short, 2014 was great (There is, for sure, some terribly long post grumbling inside of me about the state of the world and the publishing industry and literature’s relation to capitalism and the drought of great rap albums and how I sometimes remember what it was like to talk to a person on a landline, where you could actually hear what they were saying instead of just making garbled uhuhs and deciding to iron it all out in texts later… but for now, great sums it all up good enough). I finished publishing the concluding episodes of Slash, along with a collected edition of all seven episodes. Even better was all the love and support Slash got, not the least of which was the great surprise of being named to IndieReader’s Top Books of 2014.

For those of you that don’t know, IndieReader is the first name in reviews for self-published books (at least according to me and Publisher’s Weekly). So it was a great thrill to get a five-star review from them for the first three episodes of Slash, and I was honored to make it onto their year-end list, especially given all the other great indie sharing the list. I would like to point out, though, that Slash looks to be the only hand-made book on the list—even more indie than indie, I guess!

Looking forward into 2015, Slash has already received a bit more love from IndieReader in the new year: Alex’s doomed attempts at quitting Slash made it on to their list of books with broken resolutions! So if you liked reading about Alex’s backsliding or are just looking for good ways to quit your New Years Resolutions, be sure to check out the other great indie books they have listed.

On a related note, I’m making a few changes in my internet/publishing/public life in the new year, mostly to sink as deeply as possible into the project that will be my follow up to Slash. First, I’m sad to say that I am retiring from podcasting after one last episode with Film Strip Heroes due out soon. Second, I am going to retire my twitter, as feel like I will never figure it out. Third, I am going to switch most of my online activity, including posts about what I’m up to in the literary world at large, back to this blog from the Slash site.

To reward you for being ahead of the program and being here now, here’s a chance to influence my next project. This poll is, of course, unofficial and not binding in the least, but I will say that I am interested in writing what people want to read. So, should my next project be:

A) An epistolary thriller about chain letters

B) A fantastical/theological take on the rap game

C) A romantic comedy set in an early Pauline church

D) Slash Two


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