‘Maybe Even Wanton’ by Jeanne Holtzman

December 3, 2014 § Leave a comment

Check out this great review of a chapbook I edited. So proud of Jeanne and the brave, funny, and searching stories in this collection!

Anonymous Book Review

reviewed by Michael Webb

cover front

It can be argued that the domain of the short story begins at Ernest Hemingway’s retort to a bar bet, “For sale: Baby shoes. Never worn” and ends at James Joyce’s The Dead. Somewhere between those limits lies the land of flash fiction, a genre which combines the focus and intensity of great poetry while still requiring the narrative arc of a true story, even if, in Hemingway’s case, some of the story is left off stage for the reader to infer.

Jeanne Holtzman’s Maybe Even Wanton is a collection of 15 very short stories, exceptionally crafted gems that can be read inside of an hour, but will stay with you much longer. Holtzman creates tiny worlds, inhabited by the very young, Linda from the first story, The Prize, and the very old, the unnamed narrator of the final story, Watching Stanley Kowalski in…

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