Due to Controversial Success, Penguin Re-Rebrands Its Modern Classics Titles

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Some great literary/book design humor from Mark Rapacz over at Blastgun!


Due to Controversial Success, Penguin Re-Rebrands Its Modern Classics Titles.

via Due to Controversial Success, Penguin Re-Rebrands Its Modern Classics Titles.

Men, Manuscripts, and MONEY!!!!!!

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I’m proud to announce that I recently won the First Annual MANDREW’S Blissenblog Essay Contest!


MANDREW: Judge, Jury, and Dog-Walker

Andrew Blissenbach, a great chronicler of modern masculinity in all its glory and errors, called for essays on his favorite subject, so I sat down and started writing about my dad. Eventually, I touched on dinosaurs, Batman, and shark attacks to compose an essay titled “Dead Man’s Float”–which, to my surprise, ended up winning! There were some really great entries with more precise and astute things to say than I, so click on over to the contest page and read the finalists (along with my entry at the bottom).

While you’re there, check out some of MANDREW’s own awesome essays, and then get ready to enter your best next year; I could get used to this getting paid for my writing thing, so I’m already scheming on my next championship essay.

How the Work Gets Done

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I tried my best to keep up with the #mywritingprocess blog hop stuff after my turn, but it grew so fast it was hard to digest it all. Thankfully, the incomparable C Lee Tressel, much missed by her friends in Minnesota, collected all the smartest gems into this lovely little post on her blog. Check out the wisdom of damn-near-a-dozen writers, all in one lovely post!

c lee tressel

map of US(credit: GR)

It has been two years since I left Minnesota. Two very fast, fantastically disorienting years.

Sometimes I wonder if I ever properly mourned what I lost when I left. At the time, there were the logistical matters of moving my physical body and possessions to Ohio. There was also the pull of what I was moving toward: a home near beloved family and a new sense of professional purpose. These forces distracted me such that I didn’t have time to dwell on the devastating reality that I was departing the Cities and a deeply meaningful part of my personal history for good.

To borrow the title of a magical album by Explosions in the Sky, all of a sudden I miss everyone.

I miss my friends at a level I can hardly talk about. I miss the people I taught with and the students who gave me a run for my adjunct…

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