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If you’re  stopping by The Oldest Jokes in the World on account of  MANDREW‘s stop on the #MyWritingProcess blog hop, howdy! Thanks for taking a look around. I’ll have my own answer to those questions up later this week, but in the mean time, you can read a few good jokes and a bunch of bad ones in my jokealong series, check out my slightly academic essays on literary humor in the menu to the left, or head over to to check out what I’ve been working on lately: a serial novel called Slash. It’s the only metafictional erotic thriller / comedic murder mystery / romantic slashser to be chosen as an Indie Reader Top Book Pick. You can read a free preview of the first chapter by clicking the cover below and check back in a few days to see how I came up with it all…

J-Episode One Cover

Recommendation: CEREBUS

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Check out this post I did about the real-person fan-fic implications of Dave Sim’s CEREBUS over at It’s got lots about Lord Julius, his take on one of TOJITW’s favorite subjects: the Marx Brothers.

Slash: A Serial Novel by Evan Kingston

Now that we’re nearing the end of the publication schedule for Slash, there seems to be new news to share every week. But while I want to make sure you know there’s now a physical version of Episode Five available and am very excited to give you news about another free ebook promotion soon, I don’t want to lose sight of the Recommendation for Further Reading Series I started posting last year, before there was any real Slash updates to report.

As a result, I’m still going to try to squeeze in some of my favorite examples of fan fiction and slash fiction whenever possible. I want to give anyone unfamiliar with the genre a sense of the world Slash is set in, while celebrating this under-appreciated part of our literary culture. There are plenty stories out there that are beautifully written, emotionally astute, and/or formally daring—and just happen to…

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