Free Preview of Episode Five

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Check out the all new Episode 5 and a big sale on 3 & 4 over at #slashserial !

Slash: A Serial Novel by Evan Kingston

“Love/Life”,J-Episode Five Cover the fifth installment of Slash is out now! In Episode Five, Alex tries to connect PJ to the kitschenfan killer. But even with help from webmaster Dolores and TV-PI aficionado Perry, her efforts aren’t enough to keep death from striking closer to her than ever before.
I’m just putting the finishing touches on the physical versions–wait until you see the horrendous shade of salmon I picked out for the inner cover–and they should end up in Common Good Books and Moon Palace Books, as well as on Etsy, sometime next week (it might take me a little longer to get them up to The Source). As always, you can stay tuned to FB page or Twitter (@EvanKingston14) to know exactly when they hit the stands at your favorite shop.
As you…

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Get Episode One of S/L/A/S/H for FREE on Amazon

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I’m very excited to announce Slash Serial Novel’s first ever Kindle Select Deal: a free giveaway on Episode One! The deal has been running since April 4th and ends April 8th–which means you only have one day left to try the novel that declared, “A masterfully done serial novel that anyone who appreciates well–written fiction should find to be an enriching read, artfully both comedic and dramatic.”

If episode one freeyou’re ready to get reading, just click here to head over to Amazon for the free download. Or click the cover to the right.

If you’re still skeptical, you can head over to IndieReader and read the full, five-star review. They offer a nice synopsis that should give you a feel for the book, and if descriptors like “exquisite” and “transcendent experience” can’t convince you to try a free book, I don’t know what will.

If you read it and like it, you can get Episode Two for just 99 cents for the rest of April. Plus, I plan on having sales on Episodes Three and Four in the near future; read them and you’ll be all caught up for the release of Episode Five in May.

And sorry for the late notice on this blog; if you want first word on all things Slash, follow the blog at, like the FB page, or enter you information in the boxes below to get a monthly email updates.

Thanks for supporting independent literature!


Response #24 Vomit, Morning, Post Patty’s Day

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Hey all, I’m taking part in a cool project that Chase Foreman, a long-time friend and the officiant at my wedding, is running. The idea behind Grimy God is to try to find the divine in disgusting images (which should be possible, if He is really everywhere). So far it has been a really interesting exercise to watch, forcing people out of their comfort zones to make fresh connections, so I’m excited to take part and accept this challenge! Not the normal stuff of this blog, I know, but there’s got to be something funny about finding God in the litter box, right? My response should be up sometime tomorrow, so check back soon!

Grimy God

Mysterious Theologian: Rev. Eric Hoffer
Let us pray. Gracious God, when we encounter the spoils of a whole city’s night of debauchery, do not let us dash our foot against the vomit. Do not let our furry companion have a breakfast of barf. Do not let us stumble on the slip and slide of sick. Instead, when we gaze upon the pukey mess, we are reminded of your abundance. Just like a party-goer drunk on green beer, you fill us with grace, forgiveness, and love until we can no longer contain it. Your abundance of goodness and mercy overflow out of us like a slurry of Guinness and colcannon. Unlike the vomit of last night, let your abundance, Lord, bless the sidewalks, our communities, and our world. And so, we give thanks for St. Patrick, in whom we imbue beloved folklore, compelling myth, and an excuse to binge drink, for…

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