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Hey all: it has been too long. With my marriage, Red Bird’s recent submission period, and Slash (Episode One is now just 99 cents!!!), I realize I haven’t done much but make excuses on this blog all autumn—and I’ve lately fallen behind even on that. As a result, I’m going to sneak one last post in November to reach my quota of posts about how little I’m posting.

The good news is I’m getting the hang of wedded bliss, have picked out three awesome manuscripts for RB’s 2014 chapbook publishing season, and have even built up a month of lead time on Slash, so I will hopefully be able to get this series of posts on satire I’ve been planning out to you by the new year. I’ve been thinking about it a bunch… just haven’t written anything.

Regardless of how much time I have to use them, the ideas have been coming to me for the blog lately, in part because I think I miss you dear readers. For example, the most recent issue of The New Yorker featured one of the most humorous Shouts and Murmurs in recent memory. Written by Michael Cera, in the voice of the needy, awkward guy he is so good at playing, the piece is a perfect send-up of how awkward and needy text messaging usually is, despite its promises of making us more conveniently and confidently connected. Snorting out loud while reading it, I thought immediately of posting it here, in part because it is so well written and funny, and in part because it reminded me of how starved I was for your cyber-approval. So please, check it out here, and like this post ASAP!


(I also feel like I still owe Michael Cera for making Superbad, since it is, not only, one of my favorite movies, but also the source of several dates for me. During the summer it came out, the awkward, needy Evan was suddenly a lovable archetype (if not a certified sex-symbol), and I managed to use my own awkwardness to my advantage for the first time in my life. If these few clicks to his work can start to pay off that debt, I’ll be happy.)


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Check out this interview I did with Colin from Common Good Books’ Blog. It is mostly about all things SLASH—self publishing, serialization, inspiration, revision, etc—but I do ruminate a bit at the end on mother in law jokes, so I thought I’d share it here, too.

Slash: A Serial Novel by Evan Kingston

Colin from Common Good Books recently sat down with me to talk about everything Slash; during the course of the interview, we discussed serialization, the future of print media and self-publishing; structure, point of view, and characterization in the novel; and my own inspiration/writing/revising process for this project. You can check out the interview here.

tumblr_static_cgb.logo__2_Common Good Books is my local independent bookstore; they have such a great space for books and such a knowledgeable and friendly staff that it was one of my favorite places in the world even before they started carrying my book. The whole staff, but my friend Colin in particular, have been such a help to this project that I wanted to make sure to give them a special shout out on this website; they are really my second-biggest boosters!

You’ll have to read the interview to see who gets the title of Slash’s

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Announcing SLASH Episode Two: “Wish/Fulfillment”

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I’m proud to announce that the second episode of Slash, “Wish/Fulfillment”, is now available in all major ebook formats.Slash - Cover - Episode Two-Amaz In Episode Two, a second deadly coincidence finally convinces Alex that there is a connection between the creepy slash stories and the real world. Her attempts to figure out who might be behind this creepy correlation lead her to discover Koop’s dark secret and Perry’s curious habit.

You can find it in any ebook format–Kindle, Nook, ipad, pdf, whatever–at my smashwords page.

Or you can get it for your Kindle from amazon here.

And it will be available at Barnes & Noble for your Nook in a couple of days.

There is also a handsome physical version, much like the mysteriously minimalist Episode One, but with a shocking yellow inner cover. If you live in the Twin Cities, you’ll be able to find it at Common Good Books in St. Paul or Moon Palace Books in Minneapolis by the middle of the month; you can stay tuned to the facebook group for announcements about when they receive the latest deliveries. Or, if you live elsewhere, you can mail-order it from my Etsy store.

To see what Slash is all about, you can check out free previews of Episode One and Two on the website,

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