A Big Announcement, a Call for Submissions, and an Interview

October 19, 2013 § Leave a comment

Hey all. Sorry it has been several weeks, but I’ve had a my fingers in a lot of cakes recently.


Myself, my wife, and our beautiful children

In addition to getting married last weekend,I’ve been readying Episode Two of Slash for the world and reading through some marvelous submissions in my role as fiction editor at Red Bird Chapbooks.

Our submission period is open through the end of October, so I want to encourage you all to send your best work. We publish quality poetry, ficition, CNF, and everything in between, so we’re interested in whatever you’re doing. Click here for complete guidelines. 

I was recently interviewed by the charming Bonnie ZoBell at www.everydayfiction.com for their Flash Fiction Chronicles Series on the underexplored world of fiction chapbooks. You can check out the interview here to get a better sense of what a chapbook is and what we’re looking for. As I say in the interview, fiction is severely underrepresented, so I especially want to make sure all you short story writers out there consider how great it would be to have a chapbook of your best work to sell at readings, give to friends and family, or leave laying around the coffee table the next time you’re having someone over who you’re trying to impress.

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