Leaving you in good hands…

August 6, 2013 § Leave a comment

I’m excited to announce I’m about to head up to Canada for my annual cottage retreat: a whole week with no work, no cars, no computers, no cell-phones—just a hammock and a stack of novels! When I return, I’ll check back in with a list of books I read that (hopefully) use humor to great effect.

In the meantime, though, a great place to get your fix of literary hilarity is at the new and exciting MANDREW’s BLISSENBLOG. Andrew Blissenbach is a great writer and friend of mine (we got our MFA’s together at Hamline University, and he’s currently my dungeon master in an AD&D campaign) who just launched his lovely blog a week ago.

andrew031-Exposure-200x300The blog focuses on creative non-fiction explorations of modern masculinity, and Andrew never misses an opportunity to make fun of our culture’s or his own personal conceptions of manhood to make what it really means to be a man clearer. So far, he’s got great essays up about choosing a doula, getting a hair-cut, and negotiating between a manly-man and a wussy-writer—and I’m sure he’s got more on the way to keep you entertained. Like Andy himself, the writing is not just muscular and energetic, but welcoming and gracious as well. Just click on the picture of him him shooting someone with a banana to check it out…


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